Baby Toiletries

Choosing Baby Toiletries – What Every Parent Needs To Know

Baby toiletries – those cute soaps and baby lotions always sound so nice to use and parents buy them automatically, believing that if something is labeled for use by a baby then it must be soft and gentle. There are even toiletry brands which sell themselves as helping to promote sleepiness and calmness – very tempting for parents to pick this type of bubble bath in preference to others.

Unfortunately a baby’s skin is so sensitive and prone to rashes you may have to think again about using baby toiletries. A baby can have an allergic reaction to what appears to be the most plain cleanser, even those labelled for sensitive skin.

Your skin will absorb about 60% of products applied to it and Green People estimates that the average woman will absorb around 2kg of chemicals through toiletries and cosmetics over one year, up to 75,000 different chemicals!We all know how sensitive a baby’s skin is and rates of eczema are rising fast and almost a third of babies are now sufferers.

Many people think that the chemicals in the potions and lotions that we use are to blame.Even some so called “natural” products contain a range of chemicals that are believed to cause or exacerbate skin conditions or even be carcinogenic, even if they are originally derived from plants.Worryingly, a product needs to have only 1% natural ingredients to be legally labelled “natural”.

Natural baby skin care products including natural baby oil and chemical free toiletries are no longer the preserve of the health food shop but are widely available on the high street or from specialist internet companies.

The Soil Association estimate that there will be a 20% increase in the number of licensed organic manufacturers this year, reflecting the huge surge in demand for natural skin care, especially amongst families with young children.