How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl – 3 Tips To Conceiving A Baby Girl Naturally

In recent years, the choice to conceiving a baby girl has grown immensely popular with many couples simply having a preference. A recent report suggested that gender preference is steadily on the rise and is more prevalent than most realize. The following are 3 high effective methods to getting pregnant with a girl.

1. Raise pH levels of the woman’s womb

The sperm with the X chromosome will need to reach and fertilize the egg in order to conceive a girl as the baby’s gender depends on it. You can easily give the female sperm an advantage by increasing acidic levels in the reproductive environment as the male sperm are more likely to get eliminated. This can be done by consuming foods high in magnesium and making use of specialty douches.

2. Be mindful of the sexual position

If you want to conceive a girl, then the best positions are those that have shallow penetration such as missionary. The male sperm will quickly die off as the entrance of the vagina is more acidic so this gives an advantage to the female sperm. This also helps to put the odds more in your favor to having a baby girl.

3. The woman should not have an orgasm during intercourse

One final factor to keep in mind is that during intercourse, the woman should not orgasm as this releases fluids into the reproductive environment. This will naturally make the womb more alkaline which is more likely to result in conceiving a baby boy. It’s important to signal to each other during intercourse when one is about to have an orgasm.

For the best results, these methods should be used in combination with each other which has proven successful for thousands of couples. Best of all, they are all perfectly natural and can be practiced right in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to make it count the first time as you only have one chance at this since the gender of the baby is set once the egg is fertilized.