Imagination Forms During the Baby and Toddler Years

Imagination Forms During the Baby and Toddler Years

When most baby girls hit about 18 months they begin to show great interest in babies. It is always so cute to see toddlers, only barely past infancy themselves pointing to and trying to care for other children they identify as a ‘bebe’. Most toddlers of this age and interest are provided with a baby doll of her own to love, in some cases many baby dolls.

Your toddler loves to hold and cuddle her baby. Why not foster that interest and imaginative play by adding the fun extras this Christmas? There are many different baby dolls to choose from. Everything from dolls that cry to dolls that wet their diaper after feeding them a baby bottle full of water.

Doll furniture is available in any shape or size you can imagine. There is no end to what you can find. If a real baby uses it, there is a replica made for her baby doll too.

Cribs for baby dolls come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It is so much more fun to shop for doll furniture to baby your baby’s baby than it was to pick it for yourself. A word of caution here: toddlers like to climb. Large upright or rocking varieties might need to be carefully considered. More basic models that are close to the floor will keep your toddler out of trouble.

When it comes to doll furniture cribs are only the tip of the iceberg. You will find high chairs, mobiles, swings, rocking chairs, car seats, bouncy seats and diaper changing tables. Just remember your child is likely to test them for her own baby, so make sure they are sturdy and safe in case your child climbs in too.

Strollers are very popular as the ‘little mommy’ can pretend she is taking her baby for a walk in the park or across the family room to the grocery store she has set up on her own little table and chairs she also got for Christmas or her first birthday.

If your little mommy likes to bathe her doll there are accessories for that too: miniature tubs, towels wash clothes and shampoo bottles. There are even some kinds of dolls that show clean or dirty spots depending on the water temperature your child uses to clean their faces.

Baby towels, washcloths and blankets are important to round out the imaginary story your little girl will have made up, as she plays out the day, including putting her baby to bed at night, complete with bedtime stories.

A diaper bag is a must have for baby care, even when your baby is a plastic doll. Toddlers love to do what they see their parent’s doing. Give your child a diaper bag and a few extras like tiny diapers, a set of wipes, bottles and Velcro bibs and they will have hours of fun simply packing and unpacking the diaper bag.

Don’t forget the dress up clothes. Putting on a play dress, complete with high heels, hat and purse sets the stage for looking her best when she is out on the town with her newborn. In her fantasy world, she wants to look her best as she stops on the way to allow other fantasy mom’s to ooh and aah over her carriage.

All of these play activities are important to discovering how the world works and to expand the imagination muscles that will help to form her ability to create a life of wonder and turn that into her own reality.