Imagination Forms During the Baby and Toddler Years

When most baby girls hit about 18 months they begin to show great interest in babies. It is always so cute to see toddlers, only barely past infancy themselves pointing to and trying to care for other children they identify as a ‘bebe’. Most toddlers of this age and interest are provided with a baby doll of her own to love, in some cases many baby dolls.

Your toddler loves to hold and cuddle her baby. Why not foster that interest and imaginative play by adding the fun extras this Christmas? There are many different baby dolls to choose from. Everything from dolls that cry to dolls that wet their diaper after feeding them a baby bottle full of water. Continue reading Imagination Forms During the Baby and Toddler Years

Choosing The Perfect Baby High Chair

One of the most important things you will purchase for your new baby in the house is a baby high chair. This used to be a simple matter of going to the store and buying the one style they had there. Remember the wooden ones with just a lap belt and those hard to manage sliding trays? Anybody over about 40 years old will recall those.

But time has marched on and child safety has been a focus for many years. This has resulted in a lot of improvements over the years. That has left many parents with the question of which high chair to buy. So here are some things to look for in your new baby high chair. Continue reading Choosing The Perfect Baby High Chair